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Wednesday, May 3 2017

convert all filename in a directory to lower or upper

How to convert all filename in a directory to lower or upper.


for a in *
mv $a `echo $a |tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'`

Friday, November 25 2016

create a gluster infrastructure

We will try to create 3 servers ubuntu with glusterFS to create a replicated cluster filesystem.

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Tuesday, February 23 2016

Deploying a vcenter appliance vmware 6.0

let's check the difference between windows vcenter and appliance.

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Sunday, October 27 2013

facebook is buying Microsoft

let's see how to create a cross forest domain in case of a sold compagny...

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Tuesday, January 3 2012

manage multiple vcenter in one console

let's manage more than one vcenter in a linked vcenter process.

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create a cluster in vmware vsphere 5.0

simply view the process to create a cluster in vmware vsphere 5.0

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Monday, January 2 2012

install second dc on windows 2008 R2 core

create a dc with unattend file.

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Installating vpshere 5.0 on windows 2008 R2 x64

installing vsphere 5 on windows.

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Saturday, August 6 2011

sysprep windows 2008 R2

let's create a sysprep image for windows 2008 R2.

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Sunday, July 24 2011

test linux centos 6.0

let's try the new version of centos .

centos 6.0.

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